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What is an HR Administrator?

Human resources (HR) is the first point of contact for many of us seeking a new job, looking to expand our career, or in need of conflict resolution in the workplace. HR is for people who love people.

There are many facets of HR. The base position is known as an HR administrator job.

HR administrators are the backbone of the company and the HR department. People who hold these positions are responsible for the daily operations and efficiency of the business. As an entry-level position, a successful HR administrator can grow into new roles, HR specialists, managers, directors, chief human resource officer, and vice president of human resources.

What Do People in HR Administrator Jobs Do?

HR administrators cohesively coordinate all employee and management functions. Payroll, staffing, compliance, training, benefits, disciplinary action, etc. are all operations that fall in line with the duties of an HR administrator job.

Talent acquisition, management, and retention are all primary goals an HR administrator must work to maintain. High retention rates, employee satisfaction, and low turnover measure the success of a skilled HR professional and the HR department overall.

Alternative titles for an HR administrator are staffing coordinator, staffing specialist, HR assistant, HR associate, HR representative, and HR analyst.

Where do people in HR Administration work?

HR is an asset in almost any company or industry. As such, HR administrators work in almost every industry. The most well-known industries for HR administrators are the government, education, and law enforcement. Large private corporations and nonprofit organizations also depend heavily on the human resources department and HR administrators.

What degree is required to become an HR Administrator?

HR administrator jobs are entry-level positions. Nonetheless, a bachelor’s degree in human resources, business management, or a related field is often required. Comparable experience is also taken into account instead of education qualifications.

A bachelor’s degree in human resources can be specific or generalized. Degree concentrations offer certain coursework or certifications that will be particularly beneficial to a distinct career path. Generalized human resource degrees offer the same information and skill set to those pursuing careers as HR professionals.

Disciplines such as marketing, accounting, management, and even economics are courses for a degree in human resources.

Master’s degrees can also be obtained in this area of study. Graduate studies develop analytical and operational skills for human resources. A higher level of study can increase chances of promotion or management.

Depending on the company, training, coaching, and mentorship are available as tools and resources for the development of successful HR professionals.

How Much Money Does an HR Administrator Earn

As an entry-level position, HR administrators make between $39,000 and $43,000 nationally. The average salary fluctuates based on educational background, experience, and employer. Early and mid-level HR administrators can earn an average of $51,000 or more annually.

Mid-level HR promotions come with a new title. HR specialist, HR generalist, HR supervisor, and HR personnel manager, to name a few. A mid-level promotion brings an average salary of $53,000 a year. This constitutes an average raise of $32,000 in an entry-level role.

Senior and C-suite executive-level promotions come after years of results and success in the HR industry. Beginning salaries begin at $70,000 a year and range upwards to $145,000 a year.

HR Administrator Job Requirements

HR administrators have a variety of duties and responsibilities. Expert documentation and record maintenance are among the top priorities HR professionals possess. Conflict resolution, personal development, and other employee-related interests also apply.

All in all, HR administrator jobs carry a great deal of weight and responsibility. Some duties include the following.

  • Staffing and recruitment: The goal of staffing and recruitment is to match specific job roles with qualified personnel. HR administrators filter through candidates to find the right matches and begin the interview process. Online staffing tools are often utilized. However, on-site and face-to-face recruitment is also an option.

Recruiters visit establishments with a high concentration of job-seeking individuals. Career fairs, colleges and universities, and even high schools provide valuable candidate sources.

  • Interviews and onboarding: HR administrators take the lead in interviewing potential new employees. An integral part of the HR administrator role is to filter through to the best possible solutions. HR administrators filter candidates and schedule interviews with respective departments and department heads.

Once a candidate is selected, HR administrators continue the onboarding process, checking backgrounds, citizenship, etc., and issue a formal hiring letter.

  • Contracts and negotiations: Many departments make use of contracts and negotiations. Like interviewing and onboarding, the HR administrator filters through contracts and accepts or rejects negotiations. The HR department has the knowledge to provide feasibly accurate solutions. This can include legal, compliance, and personnel.
  • Payroll and benefits: HR tracks and records all information related to payroll and benefits. This is vital documentation for other departments, most notably accounting. Accurate representation of each employee’s noted tax information, healthcare coverage, and other relevant documents protects the organization from liability, fraud, and other major issues.
  • Recordkeeping, documentation, and database management: An offshoot of payroll and benefits is general record keeping and documentation. HR professionals take note of everything. Anything from paid time off (PTO) to write-ups is carefully notated.
  • Training and personal development: HR administrators orchestrate training for all staff to keep them abreast of company knowledge, legal changes, security updates, or just personal development in general. Personal development is personal.

However, HR is also involved. HR administrators collect goals and personal evaluations along with performance reviews from management. The compiled information is then used to match individuals with personal actions plans, promotions, pay raises, coaching, and necessary resources.

  • Compliance and disciplinary actions: Every industry has a compliance component. The job of the HR administrator is to ensure that compliance is met across the board. Failure to comply can result in disciplinary action, which is also under the realm of HR.

As communicators, HR administrators assess situations and provide critiques and criticisms in the best way. When those options have failed. HR administrators serve adverse action notices and work with employees to put them back on track.

  • Organizational growth: HR administrator jobs are not only tasked with the growth of employees. The growth of the organization also falls under the purview of HR. Each small decision an HR administrator makes affects the bigger picture.

Poor staffing and recruitment choices can lead to high turnover rates. This then becomes an issue for the HR department to resolve.

An HR administrator must work with the HR department to provide quality in all things to promote a company with high standards, high employee satisfaction, and high revenue.

HR Administrator Career Path

A role as an HR administrator can take you far. As an entry-level role, any HR administrator jobs allow plenty of room for growth. Certifications, graduate studies, and general networking each play a part in advancing an HR career to the next level. As long as companies need staff, HR positions will be available.

A position in HR may be mundane to some but for those who have chosen HR as the path to follow, it can be lucrative. HR administrator jobs are the stepping stone.

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