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What is Data Entry?

Data entry is entering data from paper documents into a computer system. Data entry is essential to all types of businesses as it ensures company information remains organized and easily accessible. Data is often color-coded and meticulously broken into segments that make it easy to read and understand.

Without data entry, companies can become unorganized, which results in poor productivity and lost business. Data is inserted into a company-specific database that breaks down the data into the necessary, respective categories.

What Companies Need Data Entry Clerks?

As previously noted, data entry is a vital part of any business. They all have some sort of data they must sort and keep on file to legally remain in business. However, not all companies hire Data Entry Clerks.

Data Entry Clerks are often hired by larger companies that primarily work with data from various sources and must be digitally stored immediately. Whether the company is a retail business or works with financial clients, data entry is a vital part of the company.

Some companies also offer free-lance data entry positions. This allows applicants to keep a flexible schedule and work for multiple companies at one time. Free-lance data entry jobs require self-motivation, high organizational skills, and flexible hours. Such jobs are performed remotely, giving applicants 100% control of their work environment and flexibility.

Data Entry Clerk Duties and Responsibilities

Data Entry Clerk Duties and Responsibilities vary depending on the company. However, the basic job responsibilities are the same. These duties and responsibilities include:

  • Sorting and preparing documents
  • Entering necessary data into the database
  • Ensure data accuracy
  • Resolve data discrepancies
  • Gathering any missing or pertinent information for data interpretation

These responsibilities and others are a vital part of the Data Entry Clerk position. Depending on the company, this position may also require employees to perform other duties such as filing paperwork, direct communication with clients, and database maintenance.

How Much Does Data Entry Pay?

Data entry jobs are highly sought after due to the flexibility of the job position. They are also heavily applied for positions because, depending on the company, not a lot of prior data experience is required and most data entry jobs do not require a degree.

The average hourly wage or salary of a data entry job may vary from state to state and company to company. However, on average, Data Entry Clerks in the United States make $16.04 per hour. This comes out to an annual salary of just over $33K. Some companies offer less, and others offer up to $30 per hour.

The minimum wage of the state you are employed in and the company you work for will reflect on the pay level of the position.

Do I Have to Have a Degree to Get a Job in Data Entry?

A degree is not required to get hired as a Data Entry Clerk. Most companies that seek to hire a Data Entry Clerk require a high school diploma or GED equivalent. However, having additional education may ensure you are considered before other applicants and could be a requirement for some companies.

Data Entry applicants must have excellent communication skills, problem-solving skills, good work ethic, ability to work under pressure, attention to detail, grammar and punctuation knowledge, and computer literacy.

Requirements to Become a Data Entry Clerk

While a degree is not required to become a data entry clerk, this job type requires basic computer knowledge and an understanding of how spreadsheets work. Some data entry positions may require knowledge of how to generate formulas in spreadsheets and evaluate the data to determine which cell it belongs in.

Data entry job positions require efficient keyboard skills with an emphasis on the ten keys. Companies seeking to hire a data entry clerk will often test applicants on typing skills and provide a basic spreadsheet knowledge assessment. It is also vital to maintain a keen eye for accuracy in the data.

How to Get a Data Entry Job?

As previously stated, data entry job positions are everywhere due to the necessity of the job position among businesses. The first step to snatching a position as a Data Entry Clerk is to get your high school diploma or GED equivalent.

Once you can verify your level of education to meet the minimum requirements, it is vital to familiarize yourself with spreadsheets and the various formulas. While most job positions provide training as a part of the hiring process, it shows initiative if you already have some familiarization with the subject and are familiar with the spreadsheets you may be using.

To further increase your likelihood of being hired as a Data Entry Clerk, enroll in a certification program at a local community college. These certification classes teach you to use basic computer programs and help tune your skills to find inaccurate data. Such courses also ensure efficiency in entering data into a database.

The nature of a data entry job makes precision a top priority for applicants. Proving you are detail-oriented and can ensure accuracy while minimizing time spent on a project will help you get further in the application process. Therefore, tuning your basic computer skills and database knowledge in any way you can will help prove you are the right fit for the job.

Lastly, you want to ensure your resume reflects any qualifications obtained for the job position. List any previous data entry experience, certifications, database knowledge, and assessments that prove you are a good fit.

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