Contract Administration Job Requirements

Unlike professions such as medicine, psychiatry, or plumbing, contract administration jobs do not require employees to be licensed.  While licenses are required in order to do business as a contractor in certain industries such as construction, the only limitations on contract administration jobs in most cases are the entry requirements set by employers and the skills needed to properly manage contracts.  However, the variety of types of contract in different businesses means that licensing regulations for certain industries may apply to contract administrators.  Individuals wishing to start contract administration careers should talk to prospective employers to determine if licensing is needed.  In cases where licensing is required for contract administration jobs, employers will often facilitate the licensing process in order to maintain compliance with licensing regulations.

While licensing is not necessary for contract administration careers, certifications from public and private testing and certifying organizations can be both a good source of training and professional development, and an asset to career development as well.  The Project Management Professional (PMP) certification program, offered by the Project Management Institute, tests and certifies the ability to manage projects within the restrictions of time, money, and resources.  This program can be beneficial to individuals in contract administration jobs or seeking jobs in contract administration, as it communicates to employers that the certified individual has met or exceeded recognized standards of performance in the management of business processes.  Another testing organization, the American Certification Institute offers the Certified International Commercial Contracts Manager certification (CICCM), which tests for skills needed to negotiate and manage contracts in the arena of international business.  Both programs are examples of certifications that may be helpful to contract administration careers.

In addition to general contract administration certifications, numerous programs exist to offer training and certification in specific business domains where a thorough knowledge of the specifics of the industry is essential to appropriate management of contracts.   The Mid-America Council of Public Purchasing offers certifications focused on the skills and knowledge needed for contract administration jobs in the public sector, for handling procurement and resources for governmental agencies.  For individuals interested in contract administration jobs in construction, the Certified Construction Contract Administrator (CCCA) Program can be beneficial in demonstrating to employers an understanding of particular issues and concerns that affect contract operations in that industry.  These and many other domain-specific contract administration certifications can provide excellent opportunities for professional development, both for people looking for jobs in contract administration and for those seeking to improve their careers.