Business Administration Job Requirements

Business Administration Job Requirements

For people interested in pursuing business administration jobs, or people with business administration jobs who are interested in improving their skill level and prospects for promotion, there are numerous programs available for education and certification in the field of business administration.

Careers in business administration are not licensed in the same way that professions such as law or medicine are licensed, meaning that someone seeking a business administration career does not have to be licensed in order to be hired for a business administration job.  However, many formal certifications are available which allow job candidates to communicate their expertise to potential employers by participating in formalized degrees or certificate programs.

Most colleges and universities with business administration degree programs also offer business administration certificate programs.  Some of these programs are for non-business-degree-seeking students in other fields, who wish to acquire the skills necessary for business administration roles in other professional areas.  Other programs are certifications for specialized business administration skills, such as tax accounting, copyright and intellectual property management, or internet commerce.

These more specialized certifications are sought by students as enhancements to business administration degree programs, in order to enhance their professional knowledge and increase their prospects for finding jobs after graduation.  Many of these programs are also available to non-traditional or non-degree-seeking students looking to advance their careers in business administration, and nearly every college, university, or technical school offers some options to interested business professionals seeking certification opportunities.

In addition to certifications offered by colleges and universities, there are independent certifying organizations that offer training and testing for traditional business administration knowledge and skills, or for specific methodologies and business strategies that have become popular in the business administration community.  Programs such as Six-Sigma, Total Quality Management or TQM, and the certificate program offered by the Project Management Institute are formal strategies aimed at increasing business productivity. Some companies specialize in developing tools, such as quality management software, that focus on improving processes within organizations, resulting in higher effectiveness.

People in business administrator careers can improve both their job performance and their prospects for promotion going through certification processes in these and other programs.  Many companies will work with people in business administration jobs to help them obtain certifications in business methodologies, in order to enhance the careers of their employees and to improve business process effectiveness within the organization.